Tuesday, April 08, 2008 Kirkus Keeps the Peas Hey, friends! Kirkus just gave Rabbit & Squirrel a nice review! Here's the concluding section: Along with the idea that wars can be touched off by jumping to conclusions or other mistakes, the lack of a pat resolution to the hostilities makes this a good discussion-starter—and also sets it apart from the general run of simplistic peace-mongering titles. Also, Scott's art was called "deceptively gooney." That's a compliment, right? # posted by Kara & Jenna @ 1:45 PM 1 comments links to this post Tuesday, April 01, 2008 The Latest Dirt Hello, friends! Long time no blog, we know. The LaReau Sisters are still working on spiffing things up around here, but we just wanted to take a moment to tell you about some exciting developments. On May 1, Kara has a new book coming out! It's called Rabbit & Squirrel, it's illustrated by Scott Magoon (Kara's partner-in-crime for UGLY FISH), and it's about two critters who can't learn to share the garden in which they both live. As you might imagine, misunderstanding and chaos ensue. So far, the book has received two super reviews, here and here. Our favorite lines? "LaReau’s tales are always sugar-free. Just honest. And funny as all get-out," and "Sometimes war is just a series of miscommunications and sometimes the two parties are communicating perfectly. This book gives it to you both ways. Smart stuff that’s easy on the eyes." Not too shabby, we say! We'll keep you updated as things develop, with Rabbit & Squirrel, our website and blog spiffification, and other LaReau Sisters pursuits. Stay tuned! # posted by Kara & Jenna @ 1:30 PM 0 comments links to this post Thursday, January 17, 2008 Pardon Our Appearance... ...Kara and Jenna are remodeling. Their website and blog, that is. Thanks for your patience as we spiff things up around here. If you'd like to be notified when we're back in business, we'll be happy to drop you a line — just send us your email address. In the meantime, the LaReau Sisters hope you're all having a great 2008 so far. Especially the Smurfs, who celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. Our blue friends may only be three apples high, but like you, they occupy a big place in our hearts. Smurfy regards, K & J # posted by Kara & Jenna @ 4:30 PM 0 comments links to this post Thursday, December 13, 2007 Season Finale Dear Friends, Sorry we haven't posted in a while. To be honest, the LaReau Sisters have been feeling a bit ho-hum lately and are in need of re-energizing. So we've decided to take a sabbatical for the rest of this month. We'll be back in 2008 — hopefully with a few changes in store. In the meantime, enjoy your holidays, be safe and stay warm, and go easy on the eggnog. (We learned that last one, *urp*, the hard way.) K & J xoxo P.S. The clip below is currently Jenna's favorite commercial. You'll soon see why. Enjoy! # posted by Kara & Jenna @ 2:00 PM 2 comments links to this post Thursday, November 15, 2007 Buggin' Out Surely, you remember the troubles the LaReau Sisters have had with squirrels, and their recent encounters with wild turkeys. Now, a new threat is on the horizon, and we feel obligated to bring it to your attention. Kara was going about her workday yesterday when she noticed a ladybug making its way across her living room window. Awww, cute, Kara thought, coaxing the little lady onto her finger and freeing it just outside her front door. A few minutes later, Kara's cats began fidgeting. Two more ladybugs were in the room, crawling on the wall. Kara dispensed with these (humanely) as well. Then, another appeared. And another. And another. Within half an hour, no fewer than twelve ladybugs were captured and released. And in that time, Kara went from Awww, cute to Auuugh, annoying to Ewww, creepily Hitchcockian. After Googling "ladybug invasion," Kara learned that the insects she'd been encountering were not typical ladybugs at all, but rather Asian Lady Beetles. They are usually more orange than red, and they have many more spots than a ladybug. Evidently, they come from Japan, and depending on who you Google, they were either purposefully released in several parts of the United States as a way of combating aphids and other pests (the lady beetle is more aggressive than your garden-variety ladybug), or accidently imported via cargo ships; either way, their population has obviously exploded. Now, they invade New England in late October-early November — hence their local name, the Halloween Lady Bug — and congregate on the southwest side of houses and other structures, where it's warmest and sunniest. And if you happen to be the owner of a less-than-airtight dwelling, you are in for a big surprise, because lady beetles are small enough to invite themselves in via the smallest crack or crevice, and they release a pheromone that invites their fellow lady beetles to the party. While it might be unsettling to see so many of these critters around the house, please try to remove them gently, as they do not bite, sting, spread disease, infest food, or damage clothing or wood. Furthermore, squishing them makes it worse, as they smell and leave stains. (Kara did not learn this first-hand; she is, if anything, an insect pacifist, unless faced with a mosquito or one of those crawly silverfish.) Have any of you been seeing an insurgence of lady beetles? Any comments or solutions?

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